Jukebox: 5 Solid Soundtrack Tunes for June 2015

Musical scores and soundtracks in films and games are aspects of the medium that contribute heavily to the experience. They shape the ambiance, the mood, and the emotions which flow from one scene to another. Yet, these gems of creative expression are commonly overlooked by the average person.

This is where the jukebox section comes in.


Through the Jukebox entries, this treasure trove hidden within the world of music will be made open to you, with songs of cinematic quality for every mood explored and introduced. Fret not, as this site is committed to making the most obscure-sounding things accessible to the ordinary person.

Now, here’s a new reason to clean the insides of your ears regularly. Enjoy.


Jeremy Soule’s “Far Horizons” from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

  • While the titular, masculine-sounding “Dragonborn” theme by Jeremy Soule is arguably the most prominent Skyrim song, “Far Horizons” is its gentler, elegant sibling which captures many hearts.
  • Calming, scenic, and wondrous, this orchestral piece often accompanies players as they traverse the vast wilderness of Skyrim and revel in the grace and beauty of its natural landscape. A perfect song for a quiet evening or a rainy day.

Trevor Morris’ “DA:I Main Theme” from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • If you’re in the mood for adventure and heroism, Morris’ bold use of strings and percussion creates an impetuous mood coupled with a sense of grandeur and courage as the brass instruments kick in. An epic, rousing piece fitting of the game’s setting, this song is set to blow you away.

Jesper Kyd’s “Venice Rooftops” from Assassin’s Creed II.

  • An upbeat, scenic track with a light-footed twist, “Venice Rooftops” plays during the opening sequences of ACII where the main character – during his younger, carefree days – races his friend over the the rooftops of Venice before stopping to admire the city’s breathtaking view.
  • Infused with Kyd’s trademark electronic-classical sound, the song’s focus on the acoustic guitar and the accompanying violins gives it a nostalgic touch, a seeming recall of more beautiful times. The fast-paced percussion also adds plenty of dynamism to the theme, emulating the rhythm of running with precision.

Henry Jackman’s “First Class” from X-men: First Class.

  • Jackman’s orchestral composition is a rousing theme which well depicts the rise of the iconic Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and its associated superhero mutants, the X-Men.
  • Possessing a steady buildup into a lively blend of string and brass, the song is excellently paced and gives a grand vibe befitting of a superhero movie. “First class” is indeed *cough* a first-class film theme.

Jack Wall’s “Infiltration” from Mass Effect 2.

  • Contrary to its name, intensity, momentum and action is what “Infiltration” offers to listeners of this track. Often played during Mass Effect 2’s epic firefights, this punchy electronic-orchestral piece does what it’s supposed to do and does it well: in keeping people at the edge of their seats.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the inaugural Jukebox post and gained a newfound appreciation for the dedicated audio work that goes into creating the immersive experience underpinning films and games. Thanks for reading and keep a lookout for future Jukebox entries!

Jukebox monthly recommendations are posted every 2nd Monday of the month, so stay tuned for more amazing soundtrack pieces.


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