Jukebox: Best Songs from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s Flash FM

It doesn’t take much to comprehend why Vice City is universally lauded as one of the GTA franchise’s best: Nothing comes close to its impressive 80’s playlist that adds so much authenticity to the game’s setting.


Among Vice City’s many radio stations, Flash FM deserves special mention for its powerhouse selection of 80’s pop and pop-rock hits. Guaranteed to bring on the nostalgia, this list will take you back to the golden era of “Morning in America”.

Jukebox GTA VC

Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart
“Owner of a lonely heart, much better than an owner of a broken heart~”

A Grammy-nominated, pop-rock number by the British band YES, Owner of a Lonely Heart offers gentle lyrical delivery with punchy percussion that makes for easy listening. For all the lonely singles out there seeking a motivational boost, this song encourages you to be brave in your pursuit for the perfect romance. “Give your free will a chance”, as YES succinctly puts it.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
“People always told me be careful what you do, don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts~”

Iconic would the word to describe Billie Jean. Capturing the very essence of pop music’s golden era, Michael Jackson’s 1983 number continues to be one of the best-selling singles worldwide. I have a feeling any further attempts to describe this legendary song would do it a great disservice, so a listen is highly recommended:

Bryan Adams – Run to You
“Cause when the feeling’s right, I’m gonna run all night, i’m gonna run to you~”

A personal favorite of mine, Bryan Adams’ Run to You exudes immense passion with his trademark husky vocals and beautiful guitar accompaniments. While the lyrics point to the persona cheating on his girlfriend, it actually depicts Adam’s utmost love for playing music such that it becomes a mistress in his relationship. Not sure about the cheating, but the ardor oozing from this song we can definitely agree with!

Laura Branigan – Self Control
“A safe night, I’m living in a forest of my dream~”

There’s something about the instrumental jingling in this song that makes it a perfect complement to a long, relaxing night drive. A cover of the original song by Italian singer Raf, Branigan’s version strikes a delicate balance between electrifying rock riffs and synthesizer effects, creating a perfect pop-rock blend for listeners’ enjoyment. That’s some self-control there indeed.

Halls and Oates – Out of Touch
“You’re out of touch, I’m out of time, but I’m out of my head when you’re not around~”

Nothing screams 80’s pop as much as the iconic synthesizer sound, and Halls and Oates’ love piece delivers without fail. With soothing vocals and a catchy chorus to boot, Out of Touch is sure to stick around in your head for a while after you’re done – and for good reason.


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