Revealed: XCOM 2 Announced!

The alien-buttkicking business just got a stimulus package. Let’s unpack the possible features that could be in the upcoming sequel, shall we?


Earlier today, IGN released a trailer revealing a sequel to Firaxis Games’ hit title XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within. Slated for release this coming November, the action-packed XCOM 2 trailer seems to reveal a number of interesting new features alongside familiar ones, gameplay and story-wise.

It becomes immediately clear that a major part of Earth has fallen to the invading aliens from the first game, who have set up a totalitarian state to govern the occupied post-‘unification’.

Simultaneously, Earth’s XCOM forces have gone into hiding and strike using guerrilla tactics, operating from a mobile air base where the game’s iconic Skyranger troop-transport is housed and dispatched from.

Hello, beautiful.
  • 1:25 displays a possible plot element: judging from the banner behind the snake-person, it is possible that EXALT is in collaboration with alien forces in the occupation of Earth.
  • For newcomers to the series, EXALT is a rival organization against XCOM which seeks to assimilate alien technology for their own private gain (aka world domination aka illuminati). This could be the reason behind the significant human presence among the alien forces’ ranks in the video.
(From the first game) Note the similar elements between the EXALT logo and the banner above.
  • Also, the snake-person herself (itself?) is worthy of note. While an obvious nod to the inclusion of a new enemy within the game, this new element could arguably be of non-alien origin. Seeing the frequent display of the DNA helix on the city screens, it could be a hint to human genetic manipulation to bolster EXALT’s ranks.


  • Plot aside, XCOM 2 looks to be a familiar game to players of Enemy Unkown or Enemy Within: XCOM soldiers come in heavy, assault, support and sniper varieties, continue to wear their national flag on their signature chunky green armor, and work in squads of four and above. Also a characteristic feature of the franchise, taking cover will remain key to keeping your soldiers alive, as emphasized between 1:28-1:32.
  • Familiar with an added boost, XCOM 2’s tactical combat will be upgraded with a new array of tools for use in the field. Drones, grenade launchers and even melee weapons are likely additions to the XCOM arsenal, allowing for more explosive, cutting-edge solutions to Earth’s alien infestation problem.
Clearly not a fan of puns.

Given Firaxis’ track record of releasing quality games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization V and the first XCOMEnemy Unknown, it is likely that its current project will meet the expectations laid out in today’s reveal.  

As such, this is one game that you’d want to watch closely when the winter holiday approaches this year. I’m pretty stoked myself!