Review: Nidhogg

“Simple 8-bit design. Fun & chaotic multiplayer. Great as a group activity with laughter guaranteed. Unfortunately, not value for money.”

Messhof’s latest indie title: Nidhogg is a digital expression of the innate human instinct to take pointy things and stick them into someone else’s gut. The premise of the game is hilariously simple: stab/brawl/sprint your way to the other side of the map and get eaten by a large worm as a reward.

Yes, it’s that ridiculous.
  • Yet, this straightforward game design brings to the table an adrenaline-pumping multiplayer experience with its rapid pace and tense back-and-forth action. Clashes between players often end in spectacular splatters of LSD-esque, trippy-coloured blood across the arena, with plenty of laughter in the process.
A clearly blood-marinated castle floor, courtesy of our two dueling gentlemen.
  • Clearly a perfect way to settle a score with a friends or family members, Nidhogg’s major downside is its hefty SG$15.00 price tag and minimal content. While stabbing your friend in 8-bit graphics is pretty fun, the novelty soon wears off as the “stab and run” formula becomes repetitive.
  • A problem coupled by the meagre 4 arenas the game has to offer, Nidhogg is definitely not bang-for-your-buck with its low production value and basic premise. Overall, Nidhogg is a game best suited for local multiplayer, and should be purchased only when it’s on sale.

Nidhogg gets an average B score for its poor price-content balance.
This costly casual game is perfect for breaking the ice at social gatherings, nothing more.